Packing Plates And Kitchen Ware When Moving Home

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Packing Plates And Kitchen Wares

When packing plates and other kitchen wares always select a larger box. Using a larger box allows for more paper and padding to be used for protection.

When wrapping the plates use butchers paper that comes in flat rheems, (less mess than news paper). Crumple hand fulls of paper and place in the bottom of the box. This gives a padding to stack your plates on of about 10 cm.

Place sheets between each plate and then stack in the bottom of the box on the crushed paper. ALWAYS stack your plates (and other fragile items) on their edge, never flat. Once a layer of plates has been made lay more crushed paper over the top and add another layer of wrapped plates. A Standard Carton takes about two layers of plates.

Finish the top of carton with more crushed paper, make sure the carton is completely tight then close the carton and seal it.

Happy packing.