Packing Boxes
packing boxes wangara perth

Standard Carton

430 x 410 x 650mm

Use-fragile items, dishes, kitchen wares, etc..

Book Carton

410 x 300 x 435mm

Use-heavier items, books, cds, bottles, etc..

bubble wrap for sale wangara perth

Bubble Wrap

1500mm x 100m

Use-soft cushioning forĀ fragile items

Export Wrap

(3 layer) 1500mm x 100m

Use-heavy protective wrapping for around furniture, white goods, etc..

Paper & Tape
packing tape butchers paper wangara Perth

Tape Roll

48mm x 75m

Standard packing tape, brown or clear.

Butchers Paper Reem

15kg (sheets 900mm x 900mm)

Use-for wrapping fragile items, glassware, dishes, ornaments, etc..

Hints & Tips

Helpful Ideas on Moving House

packing plates for moving house wangara perth

Packing Plates And Kitchen Ware When Moving Home

Packing Plates And Kitchen Wares When packing plates and other kitchen wares always select a larger box. Using a larger box allows for more paper and padding to be used for protection. When wrapping the plates use butchers paper that comes in flat rheems, (less mess than news paper). Crumple hand fulls of paper and […]


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